I'm Mike Payne, Conservative councillor and CPF Regional Co-ordinator for Yorkshire and Humberside and I'm seeking to become the CPF National Director. On this website you can find out what I would do in the role and more about me.

I know CPF Inside Out

I’m already Regional CPF Co-ordinator for Yorkshire and Humberside and Chair of the Calderdale CPF group, I know how CPF works, from National level to its roots.  I was once told by a CPF team member that I have CPF in my DNA!  I will carry on the legacy of Spencer Pitfield and take it to the next level.

I’m a volunteer through and through

I’ve been a party volunteer since I was five.  I’ve organised a wide variety of national and regional events and we already have plans for a regional CPF conference in Leeds in February 2016.  I was a battle bus member for 2015 and won my own election in Sowerby Bridge against bitter Labour opposition.

I have the capacity to undertake this position

This is a very big job and it’s vital for us to have the right policies to win the next election.  Our policies need to represent the views of the majority and be fair, innovative and effective.  Having worked in senior positions, I’m now at the stage of my career when financially I can concentrate totally on voluntary politics.

I have the right skill set to lead the CPF organisation

I’ve held senior roles at HBOS and PWC and worked as consultant in many countries for multinational companies such as Vodafone, Philips and BP.  I’m also the Chairman of the international charity Music and the Deaf and past chairman of our biggest local charity, The Community Foundation for Calderdale.

I represent all of the UK, not just London

I was born in Scotland and lived in London whilst at Price Waterhouse Coopers.  For nearly forty years I’ve lived in Yorkshire which is at the centre of the Northern Powerhouse!  So I have central access to all CPF groups and can relate to a wide variety of our members.

I have the skills to summarise feedback which the job demands

Whilst I would consider myself a businessman rather than an academic, I am well educated and in the past have worked on programmes at Oxford (Keble College), Cranfield and Huddersfield universities.  I intend to develop productive relationships with the sector leads who will develop the topic papers for CPF groups.

I’m a team player and good listener

I am considered an active listener and as a co-operative and friendly person I fit in well into a team.   I’ve always been a good networker.  I will review the way we run CPF to ensure that the format has the commitment of its members.  I’ll look for ways to create increasingly constructive CPF activity. 

Latest news

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If appointed I will work with colleagues to:

- Form a National CPF Board

- Agree a Strategy and Budget with the Chairman and Board

- Appoint the right Sector Leads to develop Papers

- Appoint a professional support team

- Develop a strong team of Regional Coordinators

- Oversee the IT system to record group feedback

- Develop a wide network of CPF supporters

- Develop helpful support materials

- Increase media contacts (local, regional & national)

- Run local events and conferences

- Extend social networking, website, blogs, Facebook and Twitter


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01422 820 467
Sleepy Willow, 2 Willow Clough, Ripponden HX6 4SA